Tracer’s mobile workflow software, INControl, includes the benefits of a Live Dashboard in order to ensure you stay in control of your business at all times. A dashboard is an easy to read summary of data, compiled into a comprehensive analysis so that a complex set of data can be easily and efficiently viewed and understood. It is an overview of your system at a glance. Through INControl, management receives a Live Dashboard system to see all jobs, statuses, delays and employees responsible in a simple and efficient manner. If a more detailed analysis is required, in-depth Business Intelligence reports can be developed to suite your business’s unique needs. Using a Live Dashboard allows you access to many advantages, some of which are listed below.

INControl and its Live Dashboard functions are accessible from any mobile devices, such as cell phones, tables or laptops. The concept behind this is to ensure that you have control of the latest, and thus most accurate, data at any time or place. The data from your staff can also be received from mobile devices using the Tracer Mobile workforce app from any android device.

The days of paper-based Workflow and spending hours reviewing and analyzing reports and data to reach a conclusion on the state of your business are in the past as INControl allows you to see the status of your whole business at a glance.

INControl however would never allow you to lose control of the details that are so important to the functionality of your workflow. The Live Dashboard is developed with the ability to delve as deeply into the data as you require. You simply have to select the desired variable to be able to view the analysis of it.

The Live Dashboard is easy to use and is designed to be able to be intuitively read by any user. The graphic design allows for easy and smooth navigation through all the information you might need.

INControl is a bespoke system that can be easily adapted to your exact need and how you view the data or analysis on the Live Dashboard is no different. What data is most important and how it will be compiled into charts and reports is all up to your discretion and what is most important or beneficial to your business.

A Paperless solution that does not reject paper - Examples of needs:

What good Workflow should offer

INControl from Tracer has identified key aspects that workflow should offer to truly be a useful and valuable asset to a business. The first and most important is control. You need to know where your jobs are in the workflow and how competent each stage is at completing the job quickly and effectively. INControl will also allow you to build up a history through the Live Dashboard systems that gives you up to date stats on all the jobs and whatever info you might want to see about them. Simply put, Tracer provides systematically organized workflow data for your convenience.

Tracer Mobile Forms Android App

Tracer Mobile Forms is a subscription based service that improves your speed and efficiency while doing business as usual. It’s a fast and accurate way to enter and submit data using Android smartphones and tablets, which are almost always on hand. Empower your employees and improve your productivity immediately. Collect information, including photos, GPS location and signatures, and instantly submit the data.

Get the Tracer Mobile Forms App for your business. Convert the paperwork of your workforce into productivity. Convert Sales activities, sales orders, Inspections, work orders, expense reports and more... to Tracer Mobile Forms! The app allows you to upload the paper-based forms you usually use and convert them into accessible forms available on the app.

The Tracer Mobile Forms App can work offline so that you can fill out forms wherever you are and submit them at your convenience. It is easy to create custom forms and even more simple to use. Tracer users have a variety of options to use (Tick boxes, radio buttons, drop downs, text fields, etc) and can save the submission at any point. Finalized forms will automatically be sent to the Tracer server when a data signal is detected. You will also have full access to the back-end (cloud-based storage) for reports. The Tracer Mobile Forms App uses the Android platform, and also supports signature sign off, photo and GPS location uploads.

Tracer is not a CRM, it’s the CRM for you:

CRMs were built to organise and improve Customer Relations, but who is going to help organise your sales team? Valuable opportunities go to waste when reps get lost under paperwork, take a well-earned break or even just forget about a client for a moment.

That’s where Tracer’s INControl comes in. It improves the relationship between the Sales Team and their admin dramatically. Tracer removes the need for paper and simplifies admin, while setting up goals and reminders so no client is forgotten and no opportunity goes to waste.

But we already have a CRM system….

Tracer is not a CRM or ERP system. We do not conform to an inflexible structure that your business has to try to make work for them. We work around your unique, existing structures and simply optimise them.

Compare it, if you will, to a tailor. There is the one-size-fits-all option, which technically will get you clothed like a common CRM or EPR, but is just okay enough? Tracer is the custom tailor you need. We research your business, take your measurements and create a system that suits you perfectly.

We delve into what makes your business tick and then we make it better. Tracer is also able to integrate and accommodate almost any other systems you already have in place. So you do not have to replace your old system, we shall simply add to it and enhance it to sufficiently optimise your workflow.

Tracer provides efficiency solutions and the most important part is that the control will not come at the cost of a heavier workload. The only thing more despised than admin is more admin.