Quantum Foods

Quantum Foods Automate their sales force with the Tracer App

On the first of November 2015 we signed a contract with Quantum Foods. What did we do for the diversified feeds and poultry business? We optimized their workflow of course and solved many productivity and administrative problems they were facing.

Quantum Foods Management Comments:

The sales staff at Quantum Foods had problems with their previous workflow system regarding the efficiency at which hours worked, kilometers traveled and topics discussed were recorded into their administrative systems. The basic forms allowed by other mobile applications could not satisfy their needs and the signal on a farm is not always the best quality. And so we offered them the Tracer MW Forms app which allowed them to enter their exact specifications and fill in the form offline if need be. Tracer then automatically sends through the forms as soon as the device finds signal again and they can quickly pass through Quantum Foods’s Workflow and administrative systems.

It truly is as simple as that.