Any who have tried it will know that the most complex part of any plan, process or procedure is the ‘people’ factor.

The problem is the following: How do you ensure everyone is doing what they are meant to be doing without micromanaging each person on your team?

The solution is oversight!

This is the solution that INControl offers.

Oversight means knowing that the ISO and procedures you put in place are being followed.

Oversight means knowing what parts are in the workshop, what jobs are running late and what stock may need to be ordered soon.

Oversight means knowing which staff member is the most effective, who may be struggling and where you need more training or attention.

Oversight means knowing what resources are being wasted and where a small change could mean massive savings.

Oversight means knowing.

You need to know what is happening in your business and you cannot personally be looking over every shoulder.

You need that oversight.

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