INControl is the tool you need to turn the complexities of your workflow into a simple matter, all contained in one screen, one graph and one hand at the wheel. You need the oversight and control to ensure the efficiency of your workflow.

Tracer’s Workflow solution, INControl, ensures that every link along any jobs workflow process feels completely in control of that job and thus has the confidence to excel. Tracer believes the key to efficiency is control. Management needs easy access and control of all the jobs at any stage along the route to completion and staff should be capable of controlling the job while it is their responsibility..

INControl ensures that the workflow can be managed at all stages, providing full and comprehensive control over all processes.

Management can easily access and analyze the duration of a job and which stages are the most productive or which are behind schedule. You can even set notifications to alert everyone when an important job is falling behind. Determining at which stage a job is, who is responsible for the job and how many jobs are at this same stage of the workflow will become simple.


Through INControl management receives a live dashboard system to see all jobs, statuses, delays and employees responsible in a simple and efficient manner.

You can be assured that all the necessary information follows the job from start to finish. Documents and orders can be easily attached to ensure each step of the workflow is well informed of the requirements for the specific job, as well as confident enough to complete it to those specifications without the risk of any miscommunication.

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