Electronic Proof of Delivery notes are the future

  • One-way communication

    • Simple checklists or reports can be filled in digitally from an app

  • Offline Capabilities

    • Many remote areas do not have signal and you should have access to your documents even when you have no access to the internet.

  • Two-way communication

    • A Delivery Note is part of a long process, from Quote to Scheduling, Assignment, Invoicing and more. An E-POD should be able to move in and out of a system digitally as the process requires it.

  • Custom

    • It should have only the fields, dropdowns, text boxes and checks you want

    • It should print on your letterhead with the format you and your clients know and love

    • It should include photos so that any oddities or damages can be properly documented

    • It should have many electronic sign-off options including sign-on-glass

  • Devices

    • It should be available on very basic devices to not incur unnecessary costs


  • Delivery Notes can be back in the office right away, ready to invoice before the driver gets back!

  • A Digital copy cannot be lost, damaged or altered.

  • Digital data can be archived and delved for valuable reporting information.

  • Digitalization is the future and your business is on the cutting-edge.

What else?

  • Knowledge and Consultations

    • You won’t have to go in blind. A Business Analyst will be with you every step of the way, helping you digitize processes and optimize or even remove redundancies along the way.

  • Flexibility

    • Your business is always changing and we can change right along with you

    • Changes are quick, easy and cost-effective

  • Custom Solutions

    • Your business is different. You work differently and you like the way you work. There is no need to reinvent the wheel to upgrade it. Custom Solutions can be added to give you the bespoke system of your dreams.

  • Security

    • We have the highest level of security protocols for cloud-based platforms and systems.

  • Speed

    • INControl is fast and does not require much data or a fibre connection to run smoothly.

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