Air Products

Air Products - A worthwhile Investment

On the first of March 2014, we signed a contract with Air Products. What did we do for the engineering business? We helped them optimize their admin for the Sales team to keep better track of opportunities and deals. We eliminated heaps of redundant admin, saving their sales team time. Tracer’s INControl Live Dashboard function was implemented and after 3 years, they could no longer allow any of their salespeople to live without Tracer. Everyone now shares in the success that INControl brought.

Air Products Management Comments:

Using Tracer MW’s workforce solutions, we have an immediate overview of the business. We are now proactively aware of our customer needs, and our service excellence will enable us to stay ahead of our competition.

Arthi Govender: Market Research and Strategy Manager at Air Products.

Air Products Management Comments

Mobile Workflow solutions can transform our business. Our commitment to customer service excellence, continuous improvement and innovation have always been a priority and a key strategic differentiator for us. Through our mobile strategy we will become even more proactive and responsive to our customers’ needs. We plan to roll the Tracer MW solution out to all our divisions this year. We are very excited to partner with Tracer MW on this mobile journey.

Josua le Roux: Market Research and Strategy Manager at Air Products.